Twins and Multiples

Mother and baby Matters Newborn Specialists can care for your babies during the overnight so that you can sleep.   If you are breastfeeding, they will bring the babies to you to breastfeed for simultaneous or seperate feedings.   Otherwise, they will bottle feed either pumped breastmilk or formula as directed.  They will meet the babies' needs in-between feeds for burping, changing, rocking or other calming methods to assist in helping a fussy baby. 

Our Certified Postpartum Doulas who specialize in twins can help in the beginning by exploring the different options for breastfeeding multiples, full and partial breastfeeding, discuss sleep arrangements, setting up a routine and sleep/wake/feeding schedules for your babies.   And since prematurity is more common with multiples, Mother and baby Matters staff are specialized in helping with issues related to premature births.  

Both our Postpartum Doulas and Overnight Newborn Specialsit work together with our Lactation Consultants to carry out a lactating plan that best fits your families needs.