Postpartum Doulas

I also wanted to send our huge appreciation for our Doula. I'm sure you hear all the time about how amazing she is, and we are just going to add our name to the mix. We are big fans!  She helped us out enormously and really contributed to our self-confidence.
 - (RS, Washington DC)

Both of our doulas have been wonderful resources. Not only have they provided opportunities for much needed rest, but they have also been a fantastic source of information with regard to taking care of the baby and my toddler. Our night doula must be a baby whisperer. She has a special gift for nurturing. And I'm grateful to our day doula, who is equally wonderful with the baby and who has recommended several books on communicating with toddlers.  Both of them just know babies! I'm so happy to have found Mother and baby Matters!
- (AS, Falls Church VA)

I just wanted to thank you for your services. Our doula was wonderful. She is so calm and patient and understanding. She was great with both of my children.
- (Cathy, Maryland)
I just wanted to send you a quick note about Maureen and how amazing she is. Absolutely wonderful! She helped so much and gave us so much peace of mind with Ellie in those early days when you have no idea if you are doing it right or if the little bug is getting what she needs. Maureen is just a wonderful person and so good at what she does. I'm really grateful we found you guys and that we got connected with her. She is fantastic and clearly so talented and so invested in what she does as a labor of love. I will recommend her and Mother and baby Matters to all my new mother friends if they need help for sure--she just gave us so much relief and reassurance.

-(Sara, NOVA)

Thank you very much for the services of our doula. We could not have been in better hands. As first-time parents, we were nervous and uncertain about so many things to do with caring for our newborn. With her help, my husband and I got off to a great start in the caring and nurturing of our baby. She has a wonderfully gentle and calming personality that enables her to not only soothe crying babies but sometimes the mothers, too!  I am very sincere when I say our doula made our first three weeks a very special time for our new family. She spent a lot of time coaching, encouraging and reassuring us instead of just performing her many tasks. She is a true asset to your organization and I would recommend her to any family expecting a child.
- (Natalie)

Thank you very much for the wonderful assistance you provided after the birth of my second child this past January. The help I received from our doula was crucial for getting me on the road to recovery and the baby off to a good start. I have the very highest praise for our doula and would gladly provide a glowing reference, if needed. She was very capable, knowledgeable, patient and good-humored. I also thought that other doula who helped me one day, was terrific. I appreciate your service and am telling my friends about it.
- (Shawn)

I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know what a wonderful job our doula did during my post-partum recovery. Her knowledge and guidance really made my transition to motherhood a smooth one! Being a first time mother can be a little scary and overwhelming - ouir doula was a great comfort! Please let her know that she did a great job.
- (Carolyn)

I wanted to express to you how much I appreciated you as a person. You are not only professional, but knowledgeable and sincerely KIND! Our specific and casual conversations, your follow up and general concern did not go unnoticed. I will always recommend your company for any Mother & baby Matters! Our doula also did some real special things that helped me out. Everything from teaching me, adding pointers, caring (of course) for Blair, talking with my very forgetful father, bringing me the prettiest black-eyed susans and making the most artistic (and fabulous) mobile for the baby. All of these things added so much! I'll never forget either of you and have certainly added all this history into Blair's book! She will know both of you and your kindness this way!
- (Blair's Mom, Washington DC)

Our doula was outstanding! She has unbelievable organizational skills which enabled her to complete so many tasks in a two-hour span of time, so that she was even more helpful than I hoped she would be. She has a wonderful way about her, doing her work efficiently, cheerfully, in a caring manner and always throwing in tidbits of educational information which I always found helpful and interesting.
- (Nancy)

I am writing to say how helpful the doula from Mother's Matters was after the birth of our son. When we came home with the baby we were brand new to parenting and the doula provided much-needed advice and support. However well-prepared you are for a first baby, you're both exhausted and worried at first and it was a great relief to have the doula to take us all in hand. She helped me with breastfeeding, showed me how to wash and care for the baby and provided us with a wealth of information about health and nutrition. Equally valuable was the practical help around the home. The doula was cheerful and efficient and by the time she left at the end of each session, the baby, the apartment and I were in good shape for the day. We'd like to thank you and the doula for giving us such a good start.
- (Joanna, Washington DC)

I am sure you have heard this before, but I have to let you know how invaluable your company has been to me. Having had a C-Section and being a first time mother, I am sure it would have been impossible for me to recover let alone adapt to my new role. No words can express my gratitude for our doula. I truly believe she is responsible for my adapting to motherhood so quickly and comfortably. She treated me and my baby like a part of her family.
- (Catherine)

In March, I had my twins and as a gift I received services from your company. Being tired from my c-section and trying to keep up with the feedings, I really needed some help. Your service did the trick. Our doula was so sensitive to the needs of my twins, at the same time she always went out of her way to help me or to give me advice. She took excellent care of my boys and kept them happy. Without being told, she would take on tasks that were very helpful to me outside of just the twins. She would do the laundry or make my bed; things that I was unable to do. Finally, her best asset to me was her encouragement that everything would start to become normal and that I was going to live through it. Well, those thoughts have enabled me to cope with the challenge of twins. I was a pleasure doing business with you and I hope you recommend her to your dearest clients.
- (Katharine, Rockville MD)

I can heartily recommend the services of Mother & baby Matters for the care of new moms. My only regret is that I did not sign up for their services before delivery so that I would have had them earlier in the postpartum period! Our doula was just what I needed: a calm, supportive, dependable presence in my home who was there just to help me. She showed up each day exactly when she said she would. She did laundry and other light housekeeping and was able to offer excellent advice on caring for my baby. But perhaps most importantly, she was positive and encouraging when I was feeling overwhelmed. And although she was very helpful with my housework and my baby, she was careful not to do too much for me. She realized that I needed to regain my sense of control. I should also mention that Gerri Levrini was of invaluable assistance by telephone on several occasions when technical advice (calling upon her nursing background) was needed.
- (Maureen, Bethesda MD)

When our doula arrived on our doorstep to help us through the night with our infant triplets, we knew that our worries were over. After the horrendous experiences we had suffered with the other childcare providers we had tried, we were, to say the least, quite nervous. Her calm and gracious manner, her ability instantly to assess a situation and do what needs to be done, her knack, not only in caring for babies, but also in supporting new parents, has provided balm to our battered spirits! She has the wisdom, tact and serene spirit that can only come with a seasoned experience of life, yet she maintains the energy and apparent effortlessness of a person half her age!It is a tribute to the confidence she inspires that we have both been able to snatch a little rest, assured that our children were in her capable and loving hands.
- (EB, McLean VA)

Our doula was a voice of calm and experience, not only with baby care but with breastfeeding and mother care. She was very sensitive about family dynamics; for example, when my stepmother arrived from California to help, She judged the situation very well and stepped back until the visit was over. She was also very caring toward our baby and her affection for him was quite reassuring to me.
- (Nancy, Alexandria VA)

At the end of two months of wild and wonderful life with our triplet babies we want to thank you and your staff for an excellent job assisting us. Our doula has an incredible way with babies - soothing and loving. She gave me valuable advice on nursing and getting more sleep! You have found two lifesavers in these women!
- (Mary, Waterford VA)

Our Doula loved our children like she was family. We owe a good deal of our family's health & happiness to her!
- JA, Maryland (triplets)

Your thoughtfulness, friendship and going that extra mile voluntarily was key to my surviving these first three months with my precious triplets. I truly don't know what I would have done witout you - you're the best! Will look forward to keeping in touch...Please feel free to come by and visit your "niece & nephews" anytime!
- Mom of Triplets, Virginia

You are really an amazing woman. I don't know how, in the three hours I was gone today, you somehow managed to give my daughter a bath, a nap and food. AND on top of that, make the bed, change her sheets, empty the dishwasher, vacuum and sterilize everything. About 10 minutes after you left, when I went to try and clean up for the other family coming over later, I realized everything was already done! So, instead, she and I went for a wonderful walk. Thank you so much. I really can't tell you how much it made my day and what a treat it was... You really are a Super Woman.
- J.A., Washington DC

I also wanted to send our huge appreciation for our Doula. I'm sure you hear all the time about how amazing she is, and we are just going to add our name to the mix. We are big fans! She helped us out enormously and really contributed to our self-confidence.

(RS, Washington DC)

Both of our doulas have been wonderful resources. Not only have they provided opportunities for much needed rest, but they have also been a fantastic source of information with regard to taking care of the baby and my toddler. Our night doula must be a baby whisperer. She has a special gift for nurturing. And I'm grateful to our day doula, who is equally wonderful with the baby and who has recommended several books on communicating with toddlers. Both of them just know babies! I'm so happy to have found Mother and baby Matters!

(AS, Falls Church VA)

Thank you so much for your all of your help. I'm not sure how we would have survived that crazy period of time without the flexibility, reliability, professionalism, and sense of humor of you and your staff! I still recommend you guys all of the time to friends and on the various twin and parent list-servs I'm on!

All my best,

(EH, Mother of twins, Washington DC)


(Doula) is exactly what I needed for daytime help with the twins. She is punctual, helpful, great with the babies, happy to do housework, considerate and patient with my questions and concerns, supportive and encouraging when I want to run errands, and she is understanding about the fact that my husband and I do not have family here and are not ready to trust “baby sitters” for “N” & “N”. As such, she was kind enough to watch them in the evening once so we could go out to dinner for our anniversary. She was quick to respond to emails and phone calls and always helpful answering questions and sending me links about the sleep lady, happiest baby on the block, dr. sears, etc. (Doula) is the best!

(MR, Mother of twins, Virginia)


My husband and I loved (Doula) the minute we met her. The first thing she did was ask what household things could she do? Before we even answered she started folding laundry! She washed bottles, did dishes, sterilized new bottles, etc. (Doula) even helped stamp our Christmas cards! There was nothing she wouldn’t do for us. And she loves “N” & “N” and was so helpful with every sleep, nursing, solid food, and pumping question we ever had. She was always on time, even early sometimes. When I had a clogged duct she answered my call right away and even put me in touch with Gerri for help when the lactation consultant couldn’t come by. She was always so sweet and concerned about whether or not I was eating enough to keep up my milk supply and even my emotional state. When we returned from a trip to KY to see my family she could tell I was feeling sad and lonely and even checked on me the next day. (My husband) used to not sleep well when we had help overnight, but with (Doula) he felt very comfortable. We were both so pleased and happy she became available. (Doula) was the perfect fit for us

(MR, Mother of twins, Virginia)


(Doula) was with us during the day for two weeks. She is cheerful, knowledgeable, professional and thoughtful. I liked her very much as a person and enjoyed spending time with her. She gave me so many useful tips – she was hands on with her help, but still let me do the work. She was very encouraging as well, and really helped me gain confidence as a mother. I was very sorry to see her go, and would have her back anytime!

(AP, Virginia)


After many years of serving the families in our area, The Lila Guide is retiring. In honor of our many years of association, we'd like to share some of the reviews Mother & baby Matters has gotten on The Lila Guide over the years.

We had not planned for any support, but quickly realized that we were in need of some help at night. Mother & Baby were able to very quickly help arrange for a night doula for us. She and they were wonderful!

We had a great experience with (Doula) as our post-partum doula. Loads of help establishing breastfeeding, newborn care, sleep tips -- she was great.

I had a wonderful birth doula and also postpartum care from this group - I felt they were really committed to making motherhood a wonderful experience

I used Mother and Baby Matters with my first son. My husband and my family are out of town and our son had painful reflux. They were a lifesaver! The doulas were wonderful and Gerri, the owner, very personable and responsive. I definitely recommend using them.

I used their services for a baby nurse with my first child and a doula with my second child. Both times they were able to coordinate someone for me at the last minute. The doula provided meals for me and my son, assisted with the baby, did laundry and general cleaning and ran errands for me. Great personality too.

The office is extremely professional. The Doula who helped deliver both of my children was phenomenal. (Doula) was very experienced, calming, and warm. She knew how to inform us and support us during the stressful/painful moments of delivery without taking away from my husband's participation.

The initial doula suggested by this company did not seem to be compatible, so Mother and baby matters quickly arranged for us to interview a second doula -- it turned out to be a perfect fit. She came to our home for several hours a day when we got home from the hospital -- really helped ease our minds during those first early days, but was not intrusive. Note that while the company is based in suburban VA, they serve the DC area.


This company has doulas with varying levels of training and experience (and therefore varying prices). They come to your home and provide education for new moms, overnights for sleepless moms and babysitting. All of the doulas come with background checks and references upon request. This all came in very handy during the first couple months of my baby's life because as much as I read about baby care, there was nothing like on the job training. It was also very nice to have someone else do occasional overnights so my husband and I could get some MUCH-NEEDED z's! (Martin)


If you want to try an agency, I suggest Mother and Baby Matters of Reston, which I used when my twins were born years ago. It was founded by a registered nurse, and her "doulas" (mother's helpers) were very competent. They were helpful to me not only in teaching me to care for newborns, but in taking care of household matters, as well. I found it most helpful to have someone come stay over night (11-7); she would change the babies and bring them in for feedings, fold laundry, etc. An agency is more expensive but can recommend someone for your particular needs. (Amy)


We highly recommend Royan Miller at Mother and Baby Matters to help get your newborn to sleep through the night. Royan had our twins sleeping through the night when they were only 2 months old. It wasn't cheap, but it was worth every penny that we spent! (Becky)


Labor Support Doulas

Thank you for placing us in the warm and capable hands of our birth doula. We had a beautiful labor and delivery experience and appreciate all of her help in making it happen for us.

A thankful mom

I am writing to recommend our birth doula as a professional birthing assistant. She assisted with our daughter Madeline's recent birth, and did a magnificent job. She helped us to have a safe, healthy and happy delivery. Her services were a crucial factor in allowing me to avoid pain mediation, and may have helped allow me to avoid a second C-section. Thanks in part to our birth doula and the information, support and physical assistance she provided, Madeline was born vaginally and I did not use any medication. I hope that more and more women will make use of this service to help them and their children to have the healthiest possible start.
(Madeline's Mom, Maryland)

I am writing this letter to inform your company how pleased I am with our birth doula and how she performed. She was everything and more than I expected. I went into labor and she came over right away and I felt like I was in the safest hands. She was with me for 12 hours, never leaving my side, helping me with each and every contraction, comforting me with visual images, massage and her physical presence. I gave birth to a healthy 9 lb baby girl and there is no way I could have done it without her. All my doctors and family thought I should just have another cesarean section but I really wanted to try for a VBAC. With my birth doula by my side, we did it together. Words can't describe how wonderful it is not to have to recover from another c-section. I feel great.
(Carolyn, Falls Church VA)

Our Birth Doula did an exceptional job at helping my partner and I think about and prepare for our ideal birth experience. Many of the discussions we had with her, as well as the books she recommended and the exercises that she modeled for us were critical during our labor. Thanks to her guidance during our planning sessions, he and I felt very comfortable and confident making decisions throughout our 38 hour labor. Our Doula was ever-present during my labor, yet in a perfectly unobtrusive way. She closely watched both my and my partner's needs and magically seemed to know how and when to weave in to support us, offer suggestions or take over. She is the reason that we had as wonderful a birth experience as we did. Despite the complications and unexpected turns, we were prepared, empowered and surrounded by the right team of professionals because of seeds she planted and nurtured in the weeks prior to labor. In her quiet and unassuming way, our Doula provided us with the tools and support to create the most powerful and amazing birth experience for our family. I will be forever grateful to her for doing so.
RA, Maryland


Thank you so much for everything you have done to help us all the way from labor to taking care of Charlie. I cannot ever begin to tell you how much we appreciate it. It really helped us to enjoy the birth and the first four months having you to help us out. Thank you a million times. Please keep in touch and we hope to see you soon.
Charlie's mom, Washington DC



Over her career as a doula, I’m certain that our birth doula will amass an impressive collection of letters of recommendation from all of the mothers that she will help in labor. They will no doubt sing her praises and write about what a lovely, memorable birth she helped them achieve. Please let my letter…which sings the praises of my blissfully unmemorable birth… add to that collection, while offering a slightly different perspective.

Unmemorable sounds like an odd compliment, especially when speaking of the birth of a precious baby, but it was a life-changing gift, and for that I am forever grateful to our birth doula. Unlike my first birth, my second birth with our birth doula was so calm, peaceful, and uneventful that the entire event blurs into one short blip of a memory. Sure there must have been tough moments… giving birth without medication to a baby just a few ounces shy of ten pounds was not easy… but those memories failed to make a lasting impression in an otherwise peaceful birth.

By all accounts, my first birth should have been the “peaceful” one… it was in a quiet, homey birth center with only my husband, the midwife and an assistant present. There were no forms to fill out, no confusing nursing shift changes. No bright lights or hard hospital beds. There was a lovely whirlpool and a fully stocked kitchen. But the powerful emotions and strong memories from that birth – fear, shock, regret, anger – completely overshadowed the joy of giving birth to my eldest. For years after, I couldn’t even drive by the birth center without a sick feeling of dread. Our birth doula not only helped to prevent those same overpowering feelings in my second birth, but in doing so also effectively erased the paralyzing negative emotional ties that I had to the first birth.

Our birth doula’s calm demeanor and unobtrusive support was exactly what our family needed. She not only helped me, but every other member of my immediate family. Our birth doula helped my husband help me, which was very empowering for him. She helped my baby girl come in to a welcoming environment with a mother and father who were not emotionally or physically drained as we had been the first time. And that calm and happiness trickled down to help our three year old son accept his new sister into the family.

It would be a disservice to our birth doula not to mention another very noteworthy feat. She managed to impress both my midwife and the labor & delivery staff at the hospital, not an easy thing to do in a profession that has become increasingly hostile towards doulas. Unlike many of the doulas in our area… some of whom have been banned from hospitals… our birth doula managed to do her job perfectly without interfering with the jobs of the other women on my birth team. Three years and countless births later, my midwife still speaks of how beautifully my birth team … all previously unknown to each other… came together to help welcome Ellie into the world.

I always knew our birth doula was there for me, and her skills and physical support were spot on, but she blended quietly into the background of my beautifully unmemorable birth! In my experience (as a childbirth educator and labor doula myself), many women can be taught the physical skills of labor support, but it takes a truly special person to so incorporate them in a way which is both invaluable and quietly unnoticed.

MK, Virginia