Getting Started Plan

We are pleased to offer the Getting Started Plan designed to help make your transition into parenthood a success. Note, purchase of a package plan is restricted to a one time use only. 5% discount on the regular rates for extended services. 


Getting Started Plan: Start those first few challenging days peacefully at home with good support from a Certified Postpartum Doula who will help care for the newborn and organize your focus for bringing home baby. Your Doula will support the family and help teach the basics of infant feeding and care, soothing skills, interpreting cues, and providing recovery time for new mothers.

24 hours (Day or Night) Postpartum Services + a Complimentary Lactation Visit

Postpartum Services include:

Breastfeeding Support         Newborn Care Support

Meal Preparation                   Light Housework

Nursery Organization

*Please Contact Us for Pricing


 Extended services subject to regular rates